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Masato Yoshiya's Research Group

(Computational Materials Designing & Creation Lab.)

Department of Adaptive Machine Systems, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University, Japan.

Materials Science and Engineering Course, Division of Materials and Manufacturing Science, School of Engineering, Osaka University, Japan.

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MEMBERS (Academic Year 2019-2020)

Our treasure is our group members below, not high-spec equipments or computers.

Name E-mailPhone/FAXRemarks
Masato YOSHIYAAssociate Professoryoshiya[at]7473/7476cmdc
Yukie TANIAssistant Technical Stafftani[at]7476cmdc/mpd
Eiko HORITAAssistant Technical Staffhorita[at]7476cmdc/mpd
Duy Khanh NGUYENProject ResearcherNguyen[at]7476cmdc/mpd
Yosuke YAMAMOTOInvited ResearcherYosuke.Yamamoto[at]7476cmdc
Hiroko OKUMURA2nd year, Ph.D. CourseHiroko.OKUMURA[at]7476cmdc
Keita KUROTSU2nd year, Master CourseKeita.KUROTSU[at]7476cmdc
Tatsuya SAITO2nd year, Master CourseTatsuya.SAITO[at]7476cmdc
Hiroyuki NAKAO2nd year, Master CourseHiroyuki.NAKAO[at]7476cmdc
Naoki WATANABE2nd year, Master CourseNaoki.WATANABE[at]7476cmdc
Nao IMAIZUMI1st year, Master CourseNao.IMAIZUMI[at]7476cmdc
Yang JI1st year, Master CourseYang.Ji[at]7476cmdc
Ryohei NISHIOKA1st year, Master CourseRyohei.NISHIOKA[at]7476cmdc
Shirai KATSUYA4th year, Department CourseShirai.KATSUYA[at]7476cmdc
Wataru SEKIMOTO4th year, Department CourseWataru.SEKIMOTO[at]7476cmdc
Yuta HINO4th year, Department CourseYuta.HINO[at]7476cmdc
Kaiyuan YAOResearch StudentKaiyuan.YAO[at]7476cmdc

(Note 1) cmdc: Masato Yoshiya's Research Group (Computational Materials Designing & Creation Lab.) /

(Note 2) E-mail addresses shown above are followed by

(Note 3) Phone and FAX numbers are +81-6-6879-XXXX where XXXX are shown above.

PAST MEMBERS (Academic Year 2005-2018)

Year of GraduationFull NameRemarks
Mar./2019 MasterAshim K. Sahacmdc
Mar./2019 MasterSusumu FUJIIcmdc
Mar./2019 MasterYusuke SUMIcmdc
Mar./2019 MasterShotaro YAMAMOTOcmdc
Mar./2019 MasterTakahito NAKANOcmdc
Mar./2019 MasterShoma YONEDAcmdc
Mar./2018 MasterMasatoshi TANEMURAcmdc
Mar./2018 MasterKazushi FUJIMOTOcmdc
Mar./2018 MasterHiroki FUJIWARAcmdc
Mar./2018 MasterKohei FUNAIcmdc
Mar./2017 Transferred to Joining and Welding Research Institute Osaka Univ.Tomoya NAGIRAcmdc
Mar./2017 MasterYusuke AKADAcmdc
Mar./2017 MasterRyosuke ISHIMURAcmdc
Mar./2017 MasterArata IOKIcmdc
Mar./2017 MasterDaisuke NAKAGAKIcmdc
Sep./2016 Transferred to Nagoya Univ.Tatsuya YOKOIcmdc
Aug./2016 back to PakistanAbdul Majidcmdc
Mar./2016 MasterYoshihisa KANAMORIcmdc
Mar./2016 MasterDaisuke KANAYAMAcmdc
Mar./2016 MasterNaoto KIMURAcmdc
Mar./2016 Master DropoutMoeka SATOcmdc
Mar./2015 Doctor (Ph.D.)Noriaki NAKATSUKAmpd
Mar./2015 MasterRyota OZAKImpd
Mar./2014 Doctor (Ph.D.)Nobufumi UESHIMAcmdc
Mar./2014 MasterKyohei ATSUJImpd
Mar./2014 MasterKeiji KUROKAWAmpd
Mar./2014 MasterTomohiro NISHIMURAmpd
Mar./2014 MasterAkuto YUMURAcmdc
Mar./2014 MasterHiroyoshi YOKOTAmpd
Mar./2014 MasterManabu WATANABEcmdc
Sep./2013 Transferred to Kyoto Univ.Shugo MORITAmpd
Sep./2013 Doctor (Ph.D.)Koushiro YAMANEmpd
2004-2013 Administrative StaffYukiko NOMURAmpd/cmdc
Sep./2012 Doctor (Ph.D.)Haruyo FUKUImpd
Mar./2013 MasterKei KASAMATSUmpd
Mar./2013 MasterToshiya KONDOmpd
Mar./2013 MasterKenta NAKAJIMAcmdc
Mar./2013 MasterYuhi HASHIMOTOmpd
Mar./2013 MasterYohei MIYAUCHIcmdc
Mar./2013 BachelorTaku KANEMOTOmpd/cmdc
Mar./2012 MasterKeisuke INOUEmpd
Mar./2012 MasterMako KIIREmpd
Mar./2012 MasterYuya KIMURAmpd
Mar./2012 MasterKatsuhiro NAKANOcmdc
Mar./2012 MasterHironori HARAmpd
ResearcherMasayuki UESUGImpd
Mar./2011 MasterTakahiro OKABAYASHIcmdc
Mar./2011 MasterYuki KANZAWAcmdc
Mar./2011 MasterMitsuhiko MAENOcmdc
Mar./2011 MasterYudai MINAMIcmdc
Mar./2010 BachelorYuki KOASHIcmdc
Mar./2010 MasterRyosuke HATANOmpd
Mar./2010 MasterShinji FUJISAWAmpd
Mar./2010 MasterYuya YOSHIZAWAcmdc
Visiting ResearcherKIM, Bong-Hwanmpd
Mar./2009 MasterAtsushi NAKAMURAmpd
Mar./2009 MasterKouki HASHIMOTOcmdc
Mar./2009 MasterTakeshi FUKUDAmpd
Mar./2009 MasterHiroki YOSHIZUcmdc
Mar./2008 MasterShin'ichi KATOmpd
Mar./2008 MasterKeisuke SHIMIZUcmdc
Mar./2008 MasterHiroaki FURUSAWAmpd
Mar./2008 MasterDaigo NAGAMATSUmpd
Mar./2008 MasterShoichi NISHIJIMAmpd
Mar./2008 MasterYosuke YAMAMOTOcmdc
Mar./2007 MasterToshiyuki SHIKATANIcmdc
Mar./2007 MasterTomoyuki Shinbampd
Mar./2007 MasterTakuya MIZUGUCHImpd
Mar./2007 MasterKentaro YOSHIDAmpd
Mar./2007 MasterTsutomu YOSHIMOTOmpd
Mar./2006 MasterAsako KAWAGUCHImpd
Mar./2006 MasterYuki TAMURAmpd
Mar./2006 MasterNozomi TSUKIHARAmpd

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